New generation of iPod


New generation of iPod (TOUCH & NANO)

After having to fill big shoes following the amazing iPhone 4’s release, Apple knew that they had to produce the “next big thing” with their new line of audio players.  With that in mind, collectively, by-far each new piece has incredible potential in expanding our world’s new technology.

 Let’s start with the iPod touch, inheriting the unbelievably vibrant retina display from its big brother iPhone 4, it now offers two cameras which allows for Facetime chatting, a speedy A4 processor for multi-tasking, and even an upgraded mobile operating system, iOS 4.1.

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                Moving onto theiPod Nano, this will now be the 6th generation release of Apple’s mini media player.  Since the idea was dropped in 2005, the ever-expanding idea of innovation has been such a small step until now.  Attempting to redesign the product each year has always resulted in people asking for more.  Six years later, Apple has come up with a very interesting design and concept, in my eyes; ultimately making a legitimate breakthrough.

                This radically designed case now is housing for Apple’s brand new operating system, which, “as an interface, looks and plays more like iOS than iPod.”  Even though it lacks options of apps, contacts, and calendars, the addition of the multi-touch LCD screen mixed with the endless amounts of swiping and scrolling makes this iPod extremely user friendly.  To say it lightly, “No more annoying click wheel!”

                Striving for slim, small, and light, Apple ditched the camera idea and strove towards keeping it simple.  Weighing in at only 21 grams and dimensions of 1.48x 1.61 inches, it’s safe to say that this is every runner’s dream.

                Ultimately, both new Apple products are an incredible step forward in enhancing the World’s technology.  Each has their specific purpose for everyday use. Although all new Apple products are a little pricey, in my eyes, the marginal benefit on the new iPod touch definitely exceeds the marginal cost. Yes, $299 is a hefty hit on the wallet; however, it does much more than just our average run of the mill audio player.  As for the Nano, $179 for a 16GB audio player is not too bad of a price.  I will be picking one up personally within the next week so look forward to a video review in the near future.

-Ryan Weick      

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